Thursday, January 1, 2015

9 Goals I Have for 2015

Happy New Years! Hope you guys are enjoying the first day of the year. Have your resolutions yet? I do. Mine are below.

1) Finish writing the book and start on the images and on the second novel.
I've been working on this book for the past couple of years and am ready to finish it, or at least the writing part of it. Then I can finally start on the sequential art and focus more on the second novel.

2) Plan the wedding/honeymoon.
I have no idea in hell how to plan a wedding or a honeymoon, yet I've gotta plan mine. Hopefully it won't turn out a total train wreck... that, and I marry the right shiny-headed groom (JOKE. Joke. It's JUST a joke). But seriously, this is him, right?

And that Kyle gets his passport on time, and that I don't book us in a murder-motel with scratch marks and blood on the walls.

3) Go to the wedding/honeymoon.
I hate being stared at... I hate being stared at... I hate being stared at...
(Photo courtesy of

Just get to the honeymoon... Just get to the honeymoon... (For TRAVEL you sickos. Ireland and Paris!) And don't trip (It's completely possible. There is no grace in me.)...

4) Become financially independent and possibly have extra money to save.
Hey... I can do it! No really, I can... Shut up.

5) Stifle the rampant professional obsessions/ideas and figure out what I want to do/be.
I really wish I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to do so I would know where to go and what direction. But alas, I get more clueless about it as time goes on and I'd like this year to be the year that I figure it out.

6) Get the dog to stop eating furniture.
SERIOUSLY. He is the reason we can't have nice things... and I really wanna have nice things.

7) Be able to speak better French.
No matter how hard I try, it's always out of reach. When I get the opportunity in public, I freeze up. I'd like to solve that.

8) Lose weight/exercise/eat healthier...
This gym you speak of... what is it?

9) World Peace (not really accomplished by me, but eh).
I'd like everyone to drive smarter (and faster), hold hands, and sing kumbaya (not at the same time though).

What are your New Years Resolutions? I'd love to hear them. Now let's make one more. Let's try to keep our resolution plans for at least a month. Let's show those gyms and other places who is boss.

I mean, some of these I HAVE to keep (in a good way... *cough cough* wedding *cough cough* honeymoon), but maybe focus on your more important ones. I may have thrown the last 2 in for good measure, but I know early on that they're screwed.

Make sure your resolutions are (reasonably) achievable and go for them (and let the rest go to that shabby run-down tavern where all the resolution rejects go to die. They'll be loved another year).

Best of luck this 2015.