Friday, January 16, 2015

Women Aren't Funny: Yes We Are.

I tend to watch a lot of documentaries up on Netflix. The one I chose to watch tonight is a "Cocumentary," aka a "Comedic Documentary" by a woman comedian by the name of Bonnie MacFarlane.

The name of the film is "Women Aren't Funny."

With this "cocumentary," Bonnie brings together a whole array of comedians, both male and female, to talk about why there is such a huge stereotype as to why women aren't funny. This includes both women in general and women comedians. Women in general are stereotyped as not funny and, when women are funny, men don't seem to want to hook up and/or date them. It's a turn-off. With women comedians, they are pushing through an industry that doesn't seem to want them unless the women are so forceful that the industry has no choice but to watch. 

Apparently, 20 years ago there were only 11 women comedians working professionally with a huge name for themselves in stand-up. Now there's only 10. But there are millions of men out there. Why do you think that is? This film shows many clubs refusing to take women because "they aren't what the audience is looking for," or women aren't chosen unless they fit into labels like black, Jewish, white, Korean, or lesbian. Wtf? This film brings in all perspectives, from club owners to male comedians who don't think women are funny, male comedians who do, and female comedians from all over.

Then at the end it asks the question, "Can you name 5 favorite female comedians? They can be dead, alive, cartoon, or live-action... just name 5." Many people couldn't do it, even professional comedians who should know their funny people. Then I thought about it. I knew I had many, but had trouble coming up with the 5. Then I pored through the internet and reminded myself. I will put a list down of both my favorite male and female comedians to put the numbers in perspective for you. Surprisingly, the amount is similar when normally, if you asked someone without doing the research/reminding via the internet, the amount would be stark. I had trouble naming my 5. But when I reminded myself, I realized there are plenty of hilarious women that I love.

I have connected a link to every comedian name listed. If you get the chance, watch some of the male and female videos. You'll find that both are plenty funny. Enjoy!

Favorite Male Comedians (Dead or Alive)
Favorite Female Comedians  (Dead or Alive)
Thanks all. As always, comments are welcome. Night!