Saturday, June 28, 2014

Hiatus Over

For those who are reading my blog, thank you for waiting.


While I've been gone, life has gotten a little crazy with anything from debt collectors and loans people

to my attempts to get scholarships to further schooling while trying to convince people that I know what I'm doing and yes, a second Bachelor's degree is necessary to my path and no, it doesn't take 4 years, but 2.

I've fought for jobs, credibility, time for writing/portfolios while simultaneously trying to keep my anxiety at bay.

The fight isn't over yet, but I'm coming back anyways. Life goes on and so will this blog.


Now that you're all up to date, we can continue on with this blog.

Normally, for those with social media and business promotion strategies, a goal and context plan is set for their blog and, in the real world, that's what works best to bring readers in. But for this blog, I have no business strategy and, instead, I am laying out my life and figuring out how this blog is going to work as I go along.

So because of time constraints and pressures, I am probably not going to be trying every little thing like this blog says. That doesn't change the fact that I enjoy everything from archaeology to business to farming and beyond, all centered around my passions for visual and literary stories.

As a result, I am guessing the way this blog is going is to be a source for tips I find on writing, art, comics, and the like while information from other interests seeps through into the works, giving this blog a bit of variety.

But all I can do is guess, and time will tell. If there's anything you want to learn or see me write about on here, let me know. This blog is just as much a blank canvas for me as it is for you.

My Work Updates

Someone I admire was extremely kind enough to give me a great rundown on what I need to work on for my visual portfolio. I completely agree with her 100%, so in the next few months or so, I will be working on completely making over my website with a brand new foundation of works that I can build on for my professional career.

In addition, I will be attempting a written portfolio (I've never done a written portfolio before). Included will be samples of comic, screen, and stage scripts; short stories and longer pieces; articles; movie reviews; and whatever else I can think of that would be a good fit.

If you'd like to see my research images and articles along with information about what I'm passionate about, follow me on Pinterest at: If you'd like to friend me on Camp NanoWrimo as I try and finish the last 20,000 words of my first draft next month, go to: My Twitter is on the right side of this page and feel free to subscribe to my blog as well.



Cheers everybody and have a wonderful day!