Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Big and Small Picture

It's ok to idolize and follow in someone's footsteps who has accomplished the world, just make sure to break down your path into steps in order to not get overwhelmed.

In other words, it's ok to have high hopes and see the big picture, but don't forget to keep in mind the small picture too.


Many times I become overwhelmed because I want to change the world the way Walt Disney did. But if I think about all of the things he did and then look at where I am and what I've done, I become incredibly overwhelmed. I constantly have to remind myself that he started from scratch too. It's scary though and I still get overwhelmed all the time.

If my man wasn't here, I'd forget to live in the present and forget to see the smaller part of the picture. Thank goodness he's here.

Bottom line: Big AND Small Pictures are both important to keep in sight.


Night all.