Thursday, March 13, 2014

New Life, New Post. Get Your Writing On!!

New Life, New Post.

Hey all!

So today is my first official day with my fiancé in Portland, Oregon, where we're not running around like mad people outfitting our new place. I've been having so much trouble with the in-between of moving and now I finally feel like I can create and breathe again!

So without further ado, I will get on with my post.


 Get Your Writing On!!

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE research. I am notorious for losing myself in it during projects, and will most definitely get even more lost when I'm having trouble creating. Since I've been so stuck lately, I've been doing nonstop research, and it's a good thing too or I never would have found this INCREDIBLE book outline that a fantastic woman came up with. If you need specific direction for a novel you're working on (like I do), then look no further. This outlines 27 CHAPTERS for you!

           The YouTube Video
           The Outline

           The Author

 Peace out guys, and good luck! My posts should get more regular as I settle in.