Saturday, March 22, 2014

Bats, Bats, and... Webcomic?

I like planning for the future (I've run out of things to organize in the present) and have decided that I want to put a bat house in my dream home's backyard (SAVE THE BATS!!) because I love bats and want to save them.

(Bat House photo courtesy of: ).

The only thing that TERRIFIES me about this are the single most demonic thing (in my opinion) that could ever get near a person... WASPS.

Or specific to bat houses...

Mud Daubers

(Terrifying and true photo courtesy of:

and Paper or Red Wasps! EEK!!

(Equally terrifying and true photo courtesy of: )

I am very sorry to have to have done that to you guys, but I thought it important you should know what they look like in case you ever have the misfortune to come across one. To find out more about keeping them out of your bat houses, take a look at this:

Now, if you have the heebee jeebees (sp?) like I do right now, I am including an adorable photo of the creatures you would be helping below to help you feel better. The species depends on your location, but still...


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Now, in order to make sure no wasps get into your bat house, make sure the partitions in your bat house are built all the way to the ceiling or roof of the house. If you do have wasps already, wait til the winter (when the wasps are dead or gone) or call an exterminator (who will not use harmful chemicals that will hurt bats) to get rid of them.

But if I were you, I would call someone from, as I am not a professional, and talk to someone who is. I would buy one of their bat houses, as you will be assured that they are built to code and with all the precautions, and go that route.

Bats need our help. We should help them.

Also, side note... thinking about doing a web comic to keep my comics work going. I have the story, but need ideas on websites and execution. Any advice or thoughts would help. Anyways. Thanks for reading/listening/whatever it is you lively people do. Have a great week!